The internet is a vast and, oftentimes, disorganized place. Separating the useful information from the non-useful info can be a real hassle. That’s why many people use RSS feeds.

Luckily for you, we’ve collected some links to information you may find useful, all in one place.

More will be added as we come across useful content. Feel free to share with us some links you’ve found useful, and we’ll add those too!


American Science Alliance: Science Policy Analysis Science and technology news

Party of Reason and Progress: A recently-launched political party aiming to bring more evidence-based legislature and politicians to government

NASA @ Home and City: See how NASA has affected your life

Genetic Literacy Project: Information about genetics research, disentangled from ideology


Crap Detection 101: A nicely written article detailing many ways to detect “crap” on the internet

Snopes: I’m sure we’ve all heard quite a bit about Snopes

Science-Based Medicine: Analysis of pseudo-scientific claims in medicine

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry: Promoting scientific inquiry and scientific education

Skeptical Raptor: A fantastic site that details logical fallacies and how to determine pseudoscience from real science

Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit: A good toolkit for determining fact and fiction online

Politics: Tracking your representatives’ actions

Opensecrets: Investigating money in politics

C-Span: The most objective source for political news

Follow the Money: Follow campaign contributions and where they go

Politifact and Political Fact-Checking


Media Bias Fact Check: Media Bias Fact Checking


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, xkcd, Bird and Moon, Beatrice the Biologist: Fun, sciency webcomics





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